All About Triple Motion Dance

Mission Statement


Sonya and Shawnel are sisters that grew up dancing in Livermore, California. In 1994, they opened their first dance studio, SS Dance Express. They enjoyed the students and their families tremendously. In 2005, they were quickly outgrowing their location. Having had started families of their own, they opted to merge with two of their instructors to open Triple Threat Performing Arts. TTPA is still going strong today with over 400 students. In 2009, due to their husbands’ jobs relocating, both sisters moved to the Fort Worth area “next door to each other.” They both have children that attend schools in KISD.

Since they have moved here, they each have taught dance at dance studios throughout the metroplex–it’s just in their blood! They are so excited to be opening their latest venture, “Triple Motion Dance,”  in Watauga, Texas. They are hoping to share their passion of dance and performing and look forward to many new friendships.

Teaching Philosophy

At Triple Motion Dance, we assist students in discovering their passion for music, movement, and dance. We focus on fostering individual growth and developing confidence that extends beyond the dance floor, all in a family-centered environment.

We do this through a combination of individual and group instruction with a spotlight on building a strong foundation through practice and technique, exposure to multiple dance styles, and performance opportunities.

We set the “barre” high. We challenge our students to continually meet and exceed expectations, take risks, value the bonds among teammates, and learn about themselves through the journey.

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.” – Confucius

Stay in Motion, at Triple Motion Dance!